Vestavia AL Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a big decision, whether you planned it or have no other choice. Get the reassurance of ten years’ experience, factory-certified installation and careful preparation that ensures long-lasting results.

Residential and Commercial
We install commercial and residential roofs of all types. Our performance record is proven and backed by solid labor and manufacturer warranties. We are certified by top shingle suppliers, so you know our technicians are among the most qualified in the region.

Insurance Help After a Storm
Most people consider replacement after a major storm has struck. Wind, rain or hail damage can render your surface beyond repair. Leaks can turn into structural damage or breed harmful mold. The good news is insurance will usually pay for a new rooftop.

Let us work with your insurer to help you seek the maximum coverage. Even if your roof is older, insurers will often replace it. It cuts the company’s future liability and the cost is built into your premium. We will do the negotiating and the work itself to restore your property.

Get Free Repairs
We also offer an exclusive $500 Home Maintenance Credit. We can fix loose flashing, gutters, siding and interior work when we do a roof replacement in Vestavia. And you can trust our expertise in home improvement, too: our owner-operator has built more than 300 homes.

Roof Replacement Basics
We can replace a roof in Vestavia in as few as two days. Careful preparation and skillful installation have been the hallmarks of our success in the region for more than a decade.

We will secure or replace decking, underlayment, flashing, ventilation and gutters – all essential to a high performing rooftop. We will carefully remove and replace damaged materials. We will clean up completely.

Shingle Roof Replacement in Vestavia
Composition shingles can become brittle over time. A hailstorm can knock the protective granules off the surface, weakening them to the effects of weathering. If yours are damaged or worn, we will replace them.

Replacing Slate and Tile
In the case of tile and slate, intact pieces are often kept and re-attached after fixing the subsurface. This preserves the unique beauty of the rooftop. It is also far more cost effective and environmentally sound. Unlike shingles, tile and slate do not degrade – why not preserve them? Every effort is made to create a perfect match.

A New Metal Roof
While standing seam metal rarely suffers much damage, exposed fastener types can loosen after about ten years. In some cases the panels can be re-laid, while in others replacement is the better option. Let us pinpoint any leaks and restore your surface.

And if you want to replace your shingles with metal, we can give you a free estimate on the spot. This material is built to be leak-proof, wind and hail resistant, and so energy efficient you will see a savings of about 20 percent a month. Metal is well worth the investment.

Commercial Roof Replacement in Vestavia
Roofing leaks are serious business – for any business. Preserve your investment; keep your contents and occupants safe with a new weather-tight covering. You have found a highly recommended commercial contractor who will work within your budget and code requirements. You will save time, money and energy.

Pitched surface? Let us repair or replace your shingles, tiles, slate or architectural metal. Add to your curb appeal and inspire customer confidence.
We can install any flat covering: built-up, single-ply, modified bitumen, spray polyurethane and roll asphalt. Just ask!
Check out the benefits of an elastomeric or acrylic top coating. These can add years to the life of your surface, lower your HVAC costs and save you up to 30 cents on the dollar in annual energy expenses.

We will examine every area of your commercial roof with care. We secure flashing around edges and extrusions, as well as check scuppers and downspouts – all vital parts of a high performance commercial surface.

Our Unique Promise
Beware of storm-chasers from out of town. You need a local roof expert with world-class workmanship – and you have found it here. We are licensed, insured and members of the BBB. You not only get a perfect installation, you will get a Home Maintenance Credit of $500 on other repair work.
Call for a free inspection, fast emergency response, and design ideas that will preserve your property values.

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