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Cost of Roof Replacement in Birmingham, AL

The cost of roof replacement in Birmingham, AL, does not have to drain your wallet. Like any other home improvement, we realize this is a serious investment, and we provide this essential service at an affordable price. Our large selection of styles and colors can give you the best looking house on the block!

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As far as home renovations go, roof replacement is the most important. You may have storm damage that can’t be fixed or a roof that has come to the end of its life. Or you may be looking for an energy efficiency upgrade for your home or commercial property. With an upgrade, it is possible to save 30% of what you now spend on air conditioning.

You need to consider these three aspects to the cost of roof replacement in Birmingham, AL, before making any commitments:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Durability

Materials – Asphalt is probably the most affordable, costing anywhere from $50 to $150 per 100 square feet. Metal, wood or concrete tiles can start at $100 per 100 square feet. Ceramic, clay, and slate tiles can cost anywhere from $300 to $600 per square 100 feet.

Labor – Your overall cost of roof replacement in Birmingham, AL, will increase if the existing surface must be removed before a new one can be installed. You will not save money replacing your roof on your own. A professional can save you energy and time, both of which have economic value.
Do your research and ask for written labor estimates upfront, which we always provide.

Durability -The better the materials and craftsmanship, the less often you will have to pay for roof replacement. So even though a professional contractor might seem to be more expensive than if you installed your own asphalt shingles, you must factor in the cost of you doing it wrong. The roof won’t last!

Other factors we look at to determine the cost of roof replacement in Birmingham, AL:

  • The size of the roof to figure out the cost of the shingles, metal or tile.
  • The cost of framing, decking, flashing, and even nails and roofing felt.
  • The removal and disposal of your old roof.
  • How much time it takes to clean up.

Call us now at 205-370-9450 for roof replacement in Birmingham, AL

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