shingle roof repair services BirminghamYou need shingle roof repair for many reasons: storm damage, leaks, and aging of the roofing materials.

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Just because asphalt shingle is the most popular roofing material in the country, does not guarantee that every roofing contractor can provide our level of repair expertise and customer service.

The best manufacturer of shingle roofing has certified the quality of our work We have earned Platinum level certification from GAF, the premier roofing manufacturer in the United States. The company certifies roofing contractors who have proven their installation skill and customer service. You can trust that we know how to fix your roof.

Of course, if you need alternate roofing brands, you get the same quality-certified shingle roof repair.
Here are the top five questions that will determine your roofing estimate:

  1. How many shingles will have to be removed and replaced?
  2. What condition is the substrate underneath? Might it need to be replaced?
  3. Is there any damage to insulation or sheetrock?
  4. Is there water damage or other damage around chimneys, turbines, vents or skylights?
  5. What is the size of the job and how much labor will it involve?

Is your shingle roof repair an insurance issue?
There is often a limited claims period following roof damage. Call us immediately so we can start the process for you.

Our customer service dedication in assisting you with insurance claims is unmatched in the Birmingham area. It’s one of the reasons we call ourselves “One Call Roofing”. One call not only gets timely repair, but also our insurance specialization.

We negotiate the cost through your homeowner insurance regardless of whether your shingle roof repair is due to weather or fire.

Each member of our staff knows how your insurance coverage relates to your roof, and after an inspection, you will know what reimbursement you are eligible to receive. We know how to work within the insurance system to get legitimate claims covered.

We do the work for you to get top dollar. As often as possible, all you pay is any deductible.
If repairs include replacement gutters, soffits and fascia, once again you only have to make one call. It’s another area of our expertise, and part of our full-service commitment to you.

Weather isn’t the only problem for asphalt shingle roofing
Wind, hail and aging tend to rough up – to scour off — the granules that coat the top of asphalt shingle. If you see that an area of your roof is “balding”, call for a roof inspection quickly to head off leaks and rot. The problem with those shingles cannot be ignored. Your first sign will be granules washing down gutters and left on the ground, and it will soon be too late unless you call quickly for shingle roof repair.

Blisters are raised bumps in shingle surface. Some are closed; open blisters reveal a small black pit or crater when the protective mineral granules have been lost.

We save you money when it turns out shingle roof repair isn’t possible:
When you purchase a new roof, you get our exclusive $500 Home Maintenance Credit. If you need sheetrock work or painting inside or out; if you need siding work or re-flashing; if you need trim work inside or out; if you have rotten windows or moldings –we will give you $500 toward these repairs.

Any shingle roof repair, of any size, on any budget.
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We offer shingle roof repair in Birmingham Alabama as wells as Hoover, Homewood, Trussville, Bessemer, Alabaster, Mountain Brook and Vestavia.