A roof replacement is often the way to go when your home or commercial property has been severely damaged, or is aging rapidly. Rather than dealing with the continual merry-go-round of endless repairs, it may be time to upgrade to a new roof. We are the roofing company to trust with your business – call us and we’ll prove it to you!

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We have replaced hundreds of roofs in our time, and can tell you honestly that we will do a great job on your home or business, too. You don’t want someone inexperienced working on your building’s main protection against threats like the volatile southern weather here in Central Alabama. We will help you gain energy efficiency, an aesthetic look, increased security, and renewed life for your building with a roof replacement.

Alabaster AL Roof Replacement Services

There are many roofing materials to choose from when installing a new roof, each of which has their own upsides and downfalls. Depending on the type of your structure, what it is able to hold in terms of weight limits, and the benefits you’d like to get from your roof replacement, we’ll help you determine the best course to take.

Perhaps you’re interested in saving money each month with your energy bills in this hot Alabaster weather, and would like to get a new cool roof. If that’s the case, a sleek metal roof might be what you’re looking for. We offer a number of styles with metal roof replacement that can give your building a smooth polished look that saves you money meanwhile.

Maybe you are intrigued by the look of a clay tile roof and would like to have the elegance it can bring to any building. We’ll inspect your framework and ensure that it’s prepared to handle the additional weight a tile roof replacement would bring. If it’s good to go, we’ll give you a new tile roof to make your home stand out for life. If your building isn’t up to the load, we can either work to reinforce it, or we can help you pick out a similar style in a different material that will be easier on your building.

There are also slate roofs and a variety of other shingle roofs that can be used to customize the look of any building. Wood shingles, cedar shakes and even pine can make for an incredible display as a roof. If you want something customized, that will complement your home or commercial property just right, while offering superior protection, we can help you find just that. Call us today to get a free estimate on your roof replacement.

We’ve been serving this area for over a decade and have literally hundreds of happy customers to show for it. We’d like the opportunity to earn your business next – call us today and let us know what you’re trying to achieve with a roof replacement. We’ll work to make it happen fast, at a fair price!

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