Birmingham roof leak repairsFind a roof leak? Most can be affordably fixed. Call us now! You’ve come to the right roofing contractor for your home or business. If you know you have a leak, call immediately to head off added damage. If you see a stain on a ceiling or moisture in an attic, call immediately for a professional inspection. If you’ve been up on a flat roof and see cracks and puddles, don’t delay. When metal is rusted or flapping in the wind, call now.

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The word “solve” is important. We don’t just “plug leaks”; we fix problems so that they don’t reoccur. Our crews don’t stop at stop-gap measures. We make certain water can’t get in anymore. Your insulation or structural damage will be restored. And, while on your roof, we spot potential problems and solve them, too – before you have a roof leak in the future.

If your problem is due to weather damage, and it is covered by insurance, you have an advocate. Some homeowners don’t know that they are entitled to have the contractor of their choosing deal with insurance companies. Representing you during the process is one of our top specialties. We will meet with your claims adjuster. In most cases, your deductible is all you pay. When your roof leak is an insurance issue, we work with the adjuster to agree on the cost of repair and get your settlement in your hands.

Call us to solve problems with:

  • Shingle
  • Tile
  • Metal
  • Flat
  • Low slope

It may not be the shingles, tile or metal.
Many a roof leak can be professionally mended. It is not true that once we discover a problem, the next step is to automatically try to sell you a new roof. The most common problem is that flashing has come loose in wind or with the natural settling of your house. Your roof will have flashing at a vertical wall (for instance where a second story meets the ground level.

Asphalt shingle will be scoured by hail and wind. This exposes the base, and water seeps in. It’s possible to replace only an area of materials to make the protection whole again.

Metal roofing can be coated with elastomeric polymers that seal all seams and provide a seamless waterproofing of this popular commercial and residential material.

Age does take its toll on roofing materials. If it turns out the roof leak is chronic, and you need a new roof, take advantage of our $500 Home Maintenance Credit. With any new roof, you get credit toward siding, flashing, windows, trim, sheetrock and painting. Use less than $500, and there is no cost to your for the kind of work that often accompanies replacement roofing.

What can you do after you’ve called us about your roof leak?

  • Move furniture; get appliances out of the way and UNPLUG them; protect valuables; roll up carpet – rescue anything that might be damaged by water. Drape plastic sheeting where you can. Use pails and garbage cans to catch water.
  • Don’t go on your roof! You may only damage it further. You may hurt yourself. Look from the top of a ladder, or from the inside of your home or building.

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