Get metal roof installation from experienced professionals. Metal is a triple threat: it has been engineered to give you energy savings. There are a variety of styles. It takes whatever the Alabama climate hands out and continues to protect your home or commercial building. A lot of fly-by-night roofers got into slapping on metal. You have found a proven specialist – for steel or aluminum.

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metal roof install photosTop five features of metal roofing:

  1. Energy savings immediately follow metal roof installation
    You can cut your air conditioning costs by 30%. Look at your bill. For every dollar, subtract 30 cents. Most modern metal is designed and colored to reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them as traditional dark roofs do. When heat bounces away, it is not passed through to your interior. These roofs pay for themselves over time.
  2. Wind strength
    Wind has to get up and under roof panels to whip them off. Engineers have attacked and solved this issue, by designed panels that are interlocked. So the up and under of winds isn’t possible. In addition, metal offers superb hail protection and is fireproof.
  3. Long warranties
    You are choosing metal roof installation because you know it’s a durable product. The manufacturers know this too; it’s why they can offer extensive warranties against material failure or leakage due to materials.
  4. No maintenance
    You never have to have it painted or sealed. The factory color remains vibrant. The metal will never mold, attract mildew, and has been made corrosion resistant at the factory.
  5. Your choice of designs and colors
    Homeowners are delighted with metal that looks like Spanish tile. The latest metal roof installation can give a home or commercial property the look of shingles. Then there is the classic metal roof look, with vertical seams.

Forget what you’ve heard about lightning
A metal roof is not a lightning rod. It does not “attract” lightning. In an electrical storm, whatever is the highest point takes the hit. If the highest roof is asphalt shingle, it has as much chance of a strike as metal. Also, metal is fireproof.

Forget what you’ve heard about noise.
Metal is not noisier in a rain storm and a new study backs this up. Sound testing was conducted by an acoustic institute at a University in Sweden. The researchers concluded that it does not register significantly higher sound levels than shingles. Only two sounds were quieter in the study: breathing and whispering. How is this possible?

Metal roof installation is atop a solid layer of sheathing. The combination of deck and sheathing absorbs and muffles sound. In an asphalt roof, all that stands between you and noise is a layer of tarpaper and the shingle.
Something else to consider is that asphalt shingle will be scoured by hail, making it loose waterproofing. Hail will not dent or scour metal.

With metal roof installation, get more
You have the opportunity to get a $500 credit toward gutters, siding, painting, windows and more. This is our Home Maintenance Credit. To maximize the effectiveness of your new roof, we give you the opportunity to repair and upgrade everything from sheet rock to moldings.

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