EPDM roof is among the most advanced coverings for low-sloped roofs. It can save you money, prevent leaks and is easy to install. It is fast becoming a top commercial roofing solution among builders, architects and facility owners. Let us show you the benefits.

For the past 30 years, we have seen more commercial building owners turn to single ply roofing for energy savings and durability. Of these, EPDM roof – short for ethylene propylene diene monomer – is the fastest-growing choice.

As a new surface or a roof-over, it is able to withstand ozone, UV radiation and temperature extremes. You will not worry about splitting or cracking. We can apply a surface that keeps your building dry and protects your investment.

Rubber Roofing
An EPDM roof is also known as a “rubber roof” because the synthetic material is flexible. Its tensile strength allows it to expand and contract as temperatures change – without cracking. It will not gouge, tear or puncture – even under punishing conditions. Rainwater and snowmelt will not get through to the substrate. This is especially important on a flat roof because water can “pond” in low spots.

Easy to Apply
An EPDM roof comes in rolls that are applied to the surface, then mechanically fastened or self-adhered. Seams are permanently bonded together with heat welding to create one continuous surface. The resulting seamlessness is important for leak prevention. For additional protection against wind and sun, the top can be ballasted with small rocks or pavers.

Let our experienced technicians show you the options.

An Economical Choice
– This popular roll-out surface saves money because the material is not expensive to manufacture. It weighs only about 2 lbs. per square foot, so it is not costly to transport or install.
– It is not temperature sensitive, so it can be installed in just about any season without delays.
– It is available in wider widths than other single-ply roll-out surfaces – 5.5 to 15 feet – so you may be able to use less of it to cover a rooftop.
– It is cut and easily fitted around extrusions such as air HVAC units and vents. The rooftop equipment will not need to be removed and then reinstalled, so you will save on labor costs.
– It can be easily applied over your existing surface. There are no tear-off costs involved. Call to see whether your roof is a good candidate for an EPDM layer.

Generally, this product type is warranted for 5 to 20 years. The life cycle depends on the thickness, material quality and environmental conditions. To keep it working properly, the surface should be kept free of dirt and debris.

Your installer should be highly experienced in working with this type of covering to ensure complete sea-welding and wind lift. We have more than a decade of experience in commercial roofing, and can give you an application that exceeds your expectations.

Choose Your Color
EPDM roof material comes in white-on-black, as well as black. Each has unique advantages.
– White creates a “cool roof” effect which reflects nearly 90 percent of the sun’s rays when new, and 80 percent after three years of use. This saves you up to one-third of your cooling costs in the summer. It also helps alleviate the heat island effect, in which clusters of buildings release stored heat back into the atmosphere at night, adding to urban pollution.
– Black can retain heat, which is an advantage if your heating bills exceed your cooling costs. It can also prevent condensation, which is can be mistaken for a leak.
– Ballasting can either magnify or balance the desired effects, depending on the color and thickness.

It is important to work with a roof contractor who understands this material and can help you choose the right thickness and color. We have been installing this material since 2003, and our track record of success is proven.
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Maintenance and Repair
Few surfaces are as easy to care for and repair. Power washing with mild detergent and removal of large debris are all it takes to create a lasting surface. In the event that it’s punctured by wind driven objects like tree limbs, it can be spot welded with a special adhesive that repairs instantly and bonds permanently.

When you want commercial flat roofing that outlasts the elements and saves money, EPDM may be the best choice. Call now for a free evaluation.